It’s Katchups… Not Ketchups.

Well, there is good news on the COVID front. There will soon be a vaccine available to the public, and with that, life will likely start to resemble what it was before the pandemic. Meeting up in person will be back in and trying to hang out with your friends and loved ones over awkward zoom meetings will be out. Enter katchups… katchups is an application that makes it easier than ever to pick a place to have a meal or some drinks. Whether you want to get together with a friend over a couple of drinks to katchup… see what I did there?… on everything that has happened since the last time you left your house… lets be honest, that was like March… or you and your significant other can’t seem to decide on a place to eat, katchups is here to make life easier, and we could all use that right about now, am I right?

Once you are all signed up and signed in, you are met with a simple and welcoming app. Friends on the right, not that you’ll have any yet, but if you’ve ever used any kind of social app, I think you will have no problem growing your friends list… and near by restaurants on the left. Nothing fancy, but uncluttered and simple, just like the good ol’ days.

Lets say you are craving some good, greasy food and wanna see one of your long lost buddies. You want to breath some fresh air and show off your not so new beard, or your new haircut that you have been perfecting for the past several months… I’m sure it looks great… Just find a friend that you would like to connect with in your friends list, and give them a little click… told you, nice and easy. Now you will be shown some info about your friend. Their home city, their recent katchups, profile pic… you get the idea… and a katchup button… wonder what that does.

Alright, here is where it gets good! You can pick a date, time and location(city) for your katchup. Once you are ready, you can start giving potential meeting places the ol’ thumbs up, or thumbs down. The person on the other end, will be able to do the same, and not unlike a certain, very popular, dating app, when both like place, you will “match”. Do you see how helpful this could be when your significant other doesn’t like anything you suggest… not even the main function of the app, but useful none the less!

Now just confirm or delete the katchup and you are done! Simple, and uncluttered. This app is not currently available to the public, but soon you will have a convenient way to make plans and venture back out into the world. Be safe and have fun!



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