A Simple Program to See What Your Record Collection is Worth.

For my second portfolio project at Flatiron school for software engineering, I decided to build a simple yet useful application that can tell you how much your record collection is worth. I used the Discogs API for record information, youtube links, and images.

The user is able to search for a record by record title, artist name, catalog number, bar-code etc. On the record show page, The user will be able to see all of the information for that particular record. Including the title, artists, labels, genres, a list of the tracks, the number of copies currently for sale on Discogs, the lowest priced copy on Discogs, and a list of identifiers to help the user determine if they have the correct release.

If the user is logged in, they are able to add the record to their collection. The collection page shows the user the value of their collection, and allows the user to update and delete records from their collection.

This is a very high overview of my second portfolio project for Flatiron school for software engineering.



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